Our latest results

In addition to the classical botanical study methods, our department also uses modern molecular genetic and geospatial methods to answer various scientific hypothesises and questions.

Latest research results:

  • We explored the genetic background of Pinus cembra populations in the Carpathians and the Central Alps;
  • We investigated the evolutionary history, diversity, differentiation and adaptation of Pinus sylvestris populations in Central Eastern Europe;
  • We prepared vegetation maps for Börzsöny region (northern Hungary);
  • We evaluated the propagation, history and phylogeography of the Hungarian lilac;
  • We carried out detailed morphometric and molecular evaluation on species belonging to the Plumaria section of the Dianthus genus and Vitis taxa.
  • We determined the conservation status of macrofungi community of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county and the typical species of the hardwood gallery forests.