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Plant list for botanical studies Bachelor students (BSc) Faculty of Horticultural Science (DOWNLOAD)

2017/2018 II. Semester (Spring)
Course requirements for Plant systematics, Hort. BSc (DOWNLOAD)
Winter plant list for Horticulltural Engineering, BSc (DOWNLOAD)
Plant list of Soroksár Botanical Garden Practice for Horticulltural Engineering, BSc (DOWNLOAD)
Topics for the minimum requirements in Plant Systematics, Hort. BSc (1st year, II. semester) (DOWNLOAD)
2017/2018 I. Semester (Autumn)
Exam topics for Plant Geography and Plant Ecology, MSc, Horticulture Engineering (DOWNLOAD)
Plant Morphology (Horticulltural Engineering, BSc program)
Cell Biology (Agricutural Biotechnology, MSc program)
  • Course requirements and curriculum for Cell biology (DOWNLOAD)
Geobotany and Plant Ecology (Horticulltural Engineering, MSc program)
  • Course requirements for Geobotany and Plant Ecology (DOWNLOAD)