Educational materials

Plant list for botanical studies Bachelor students (BSc) Faculty of Horticultural Science (DOWNLOAD)

2020/2021 I. Semester (Autumn)

Plant Morphology (Horticultural Engineering, BSc program)

  • Course requirements for Plant Morphology, 2018/2019 Fall Semester, Hort. BSc. (DOWNLOAD)
  • Microscopy manual (DOWNLOAD)

Geobotany and Plant Ecology (Horticultural Engineering Masters, MSc program)

  • Course requirements for Geobotany and Plant Ecology, Hort. MSc. (DOWNLOAD)



2019/2020 II. Semester (Spring)

Plant Systematics (Horticultural Engineering, BSc program)

  • AMENDED Course requirements for Plant systematics, Hort. BSc (DOWNLOAD)
  • Winter plant list for Horticulltural Engineering, BSc (DOWNLOAD)
  • Herbarium preparation manual (DOWNLOAD)