Research activity

The research activity of the department is very diverse within the field of plant anatomy, plant taxonomy, plant geography, cenology, ecology, population genetics and mycology.

Our major fields of research:

  • Sturcture and anatomy of horticultural plants;
  • Molecular genetic analysis and taxonomic evaluation of plant species native to the Carpathians and the Carpathian Basin;
  • Diversity study of plant populations;
  • Taxonomic and reproduction biological evaluation of protected, endangered and ornamental plants;
  • Study of the wild relatives of cultivated plants;
  • Evaluation of the effects of alien species on natural and near-natural vegetation;
  • Evaluation of plant propagation strategies;
  • Vegetation mapping;
  • Taxonomical and ecological research of higher fungi;
  • Study of the relationship between plant associations and fungi;

In the research works undergraduate, graduate and PhD students are also involved.